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Project Description
Windows 8 Metro app that displays the Bing background image of the day as its tile.

Also available on Windows Live Gallery


This is a Windows Sidebar/desktop gadget I created because I wanted to see what the new image was for the Bing homepage. It's pretty simple. I just find the images fascinating and I'm so lazy, I wanted to write something so I didn't have to open my browser to see them. In 0.3, I added the ability to see the special search hint regions and submit your own search. Basically, everything you can do from the main Bing homepage.

Screenshot from Oct 16, 2009


Like I said, all I cared about was seeing the background image, so I don't have any huge plans. I have thought about saving images locally, but am not sure if the gadget API can do that. Perhaps Silverlight is a good means to that end. Then again, maybe nobody cares. It's all the same to me, right now. If I get feedback, I'll add more capabilities. If someone wants to contribute, let me know. Until then, enjoy.

Known Issues

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